Financial Perspective

Weight control, Cosmetic and Plastic surgery center.

Customer Perspective

· 24 hours life secretary for the mother in postpartum confinement rehabilitation center.

· 24 hours professional staff and doctors.

· Postpartum confinement, neonatal center with neonatal pediatric specialist.

· Prenatal fetus early high-resolution echo scanning and neonatal jaundice phototheraphy.

· Vasectomy for family planning service program.

· Free lectures for antenatal exercises and Lamaze childbirth breathing relaxation technique, infant hygeine program, breast feeding program, and proper food intake for expectant mother and after birth mother.

· Periodic activities set up for the first child born couple family day.

· Community charity works, such as collection of material donations.

· Light meal café corner.

Internal Process Perspective

· On line teaching in the social media app (facebook, line, twitter…etc.) and QR code for every division for expedite the everyday patient visit process.

Learning and Growth Perspective

· Free on-site training for nursing school and scholarship for the excellent students.