· Five star medical services

· Prenatal and pediatric specialists

· Neonatal pediatric specialists

· Neonatal cardiologist sepcialists

· Free maternal and Child Healthcare education

· Training program with certification process

· Cooperation in teaching and learning with nursing school

· Group of actuaries, and strategy management

· Lack of Obs/Gyn famous doctors

· Shortage of professional nurses with expertise

· Shortage of room vacancies

· Inconvenient location and facilities for public



· Establish good reputation to service more customers

· Copy the same business model to develop branch clinic

· Establish and overseas business in Mainland China in keeping with the two-child policy

· Establish infertility center in Myanmar

· New entrant competitors

· Competision in advance technology

· Negative reviews on internet and media

· Reduction in local population

· New entrant copy know-how and with abundance of capital investment

· National Health Insurance policy

· Low reimbursement rates