Targeting strategy

Provide water to un-served or under-served areas where the access to clean drinking water have walk of 0.5 KM

Legislative strategy

Encourage the participation of private sector. community participation, public-private partnership and role of NGOs

Protection of water resources

Protection of surface and ground water sources in urban and rural areas

Institutional strategy

Strengthen the institutions and their services of providing drinking water at federal, provincial and local government level

Technical strategy

Technical assistance to the provincial and local agencies, support clean drinking water initiative project by the federal government and provincial water filtration plants at tehsil and union council level

Operation and maintenance (O&M) strategy

WASA and TMA are responsible for the O&M in urban areas. TMA is only responsible for O&M in rural areas

Drinking water quality standards

Using the WHOs drinking water quality guidelines both in urban and rural areas

Water quality monitoring and surveillance

PQCA and PCRWR ensure the water quality standard through surveillance of water quality from different sources

Gender strategy

Female participation in decision making at the district, tehsil and union council tiers

Communication and dissemination strategy

Disseminating information on drinking water quality standards through articles in the national press, leaflets, newsletters and spreading information to schools, through NGOs, civil societies, and citizen community boards (CCBs).

Financial strategy

Provision of water supply and sanitation services at affordable rates is

Promised in the financial strategy. funds are given to CCBs at local level for drinking water schemes

Monitoring and evaluation strategy (M&E),

Ministry of environment will be responsible for reporting of State of Drinking Water in Pakistan, whereas, the local government department and WASAs will be responsible for monitoring the coverage of drinking water supply in rural and urban areas respectively.

Research strategy

Pilot tests for new approaches and innovative ideas in the drinking water sector, especially those which help to improve access, efficiency, effectiveness and sustainability.