Terms and Explanations

ATDe(F)―Average transmission Delay of the node “e” for a given forwarding set “F”

ADRe(F) ―Average delivery ratio of the node “e” for a given forwarding set “F”

AECe(F) ―Average energy consumption for a given forwarding set “F”

REth―Minimum residual energy that a node should have to remain connected to the network

Pej―Packet reception ratio of node “e” to the forwarder “j”

ADRth―Average delivery ratio threshold

ATDth―Average Transmission delay threshold

AECth―Average energy consumption threshold

RE―The current Residual energy of the node

Pe(i)―Conditional probability that packet transmission is successful at a forwarder i, under the Condition that packet is received by at least one of the forwarders in F.

Pd―Default power level

de→F is the delay taken by the node e to reach all of its forwarders.

Ctp is the energy spent on transmission at power level tp by node e

P1…Pn―Minimum and Maximum TP power levels

Popt― Optimal power level

PCR―Probability of successful transmission

PRR―Packet Reception Ratio