Scene hypotheses

Bad news/pessimistic

Good news/optimistic

International environment

Explosion of new-round global economy or financial crisis, slack international market demand, further enlarged debt crisis related to national sovereignty, tightened credit market, severe insufficient capital in cash, international economic stalemate sparked by new cold war and regional hot war, escaping of capital, especially foreign capital, disorder of international energy markets

Major innovation and breakthrough in human society, new-round of technological revolution, significant improvement of international trade environment, lowering of international tension, global economic resurgence, deepened globalization, loose monetary policy continued by related developed countries, still strong increase tendency of most of rising economies

Domestic and surrounding environment

Slow progress of structural transformation, slow technology innovation and efficiency improvement, further shortage of resources and deterioration of environment, domestic financial concussion sparked by local debt crisis, local undersupply aggravated by countercurrent flow of work force, climbing cost caused by price of resources such as manpower, aggravated insufficient domestic demand and over capacity

Quantum jump of reform and innovation, new demand and new market caused by technological revolution, increased domestic demand caused by urbanization-accelerated citizens’ income and improvement of consumption level, increased export driven by foreign economic resurgence, significant improvement of interaction between regional economy integration and inter-area economic harmony, continuous economic prosperity in neighboring areas, including Hong Kong and Macau