Questions about sports facilities

1) In preparing for the Paralympic Games what type of sports facilities do you use?

2) What kinds of other facilities do you typically use in your training aside from sports facilities?

3) When you first use facilities, how do you find out about them?

4) Are there any machines in this facility which might be difficult to use or areas which might be difficult to find?

5) Are there any differences between facilities you use regularly and those you use for the first time?

6) What kind of services would you like this facility to have?

Questions about Braille guidance blocks

7) Do you usually use Braille guidance blocks?

8) In what kinds of places do you use these blocks?

9) How do you find the Braille guidance blocks?

10) What are the advantages and disadvantages of the Braille guidance blocks?

11) In sports facilities which areas would benefit most from guidance blocks?

12) How would a change in the layout of the facility accommodate the visually im-paired?

13) What kind of support would be helpful to recognize Braille guidance blocks?

14) Regarding the Braille guidance blocks, did you need training about how to walk?