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Social action ideal type


“…we met with representatives of power structures and the most important issue was people’s rights. We drew their attention to the fact that rights of the people should be protected in a different way and internal affairs boards and units must not function and they functioned before. Looking at our volunteering one can see that it shows that people must not be afraid. They must unite for solving problems”.

Meeting representatives of power. Drawing attention of the politicians. Protecting human rights is important. Importance of the units functioning. Unity for solving problems is needed

Means-ends rationality

The peace mediator

“And I do want to live in here and not to leave it, but build a normal life here. Ukraine is a very strong nation, our country is rich in soil, harvests, its language, traditions and we must not lose them. But if it goes on and young people keep on dying…”

Desire to build normal life in Ukraine. Living in a strong nation. We can’t lose what belongs us. Evil of war keeps going on

Value rationality

The true patriot

“Perhaps this is one of the mental and valuable characteristics of our nation “treat the others the way you want to be treated”. Perhaps this is the basic life principle and view. We were brought up in this way and perhaps this is why I decided (to take part in volunteering activities). When a man is in need and I can help him - I do not hesitate whether to do it or not. I just know that I must help”.

Was brought up in the way of treating others. Knowing when help is needed motivates

Traditional action

The habitual attendant