1. Adequacy of housing

2. Overcrowded accommodation

3. Accessibility to buildings

4. Elderly person households

5. Telecare domiciliary

Outdoor spaces

6. Urban green spaces

7. Crime rate

8. Density population elderly

9. Spending on environment


10. Accidents road with elderly

11. Public Transportation access

12. Firefighters per capita elderly

Social and financial protection

13. Potential support ratio

14. Proportion of old age pensioners

15. Average value of the old age pension

16. Social facilities

17. Senior citizen card


Physical infrastructure

18. Access to basic health services

19. Beds per capita

20. Pharmacies per capita

Infrastructure human resources

21. Nurses per capita

22. Doctors per capita

Collective performance in healthcare

23. Ageing index

24. Longevity index

25. Early mortality of elderly

26. Difficulties among elderly residents


Civic participation

27. City council of the elderly

28. Participation in elections

29. Bank volunteer

Educational and laboral participation

30. Employment rate of the elderly

31. Literacy rate

32. Compulsory education

Sociocultural participation

33. Cultural facilities

34. Collectivities access

35. Telecommunications access

36. Official website of city