Species richness indexes

Shannon index

pi = ni/n, ni: abundance of each species i and n is the number of species in each whole-plot.

Statistical index Q

½Sq1: half number of species in the bottom quarter (25%) and ½Sq2: in the top quarter (75%) of accumulated species number. Σ is the total number of species between the bottom and top quarters. nq1 y nq2: are the numbers of individual in each of the both quarters.

Camargo index

S: species richness, pih and pjh: relative abundance of specie i and j. K: interactions between species.

Simpson and Berger-Parker index

D is the proportion squared of the sum of all community species

Evenness and dominante indexes

Shannon index

Camargo index

1/Simpson index

Simpson index (D)

ni: abundance of each species i; N: total sum of abundance of all species and s is the total species number.

Berger-Parker index (d)

Amax is the relative abundance in the more abundant species.