Initial Classification


Proposed Classification

Associated issues

1) Incidents related to interpersonal relations between students

It does not include interpersonal relations between teachers and students. It does not include discrimination as an issue arising from unequal relationships between cultures.

Incidents related to discrimination and interpersonal relationships between students. (CI Type 4)

Incidents related to discrimination and interpersonal relationships between students and teachers. (CI Type 7)

・ Discrimination

・ Intolerance

・ Interpersonal communication

・ Prejudice

・ Peripheral Participation

2) Situations to do with social exclusion and group belonging

Social exclusion can be the result of other factors such as interpersonal relationships in the classroom, or discrimination. Group belonging is a subjective element.

These are merged with the interpersonal relationships and discrimination CIs.

3) Problems to do with classroom communication

This also refers to interpersonal relationships, but is linked to the use of language. We believe the problem has more to do with appropriation of cultural tools characteristic of the university context, the vehicular language among them, and so it is not a matter of interpersonal relationships as such but the use of said language in the learning requirements.

We propose: use of language, expression and communication. (CI Type 1)

・ Insufficient command of the vehicular language

・ Use of language as a tool for communication and production of knowledge

4) Different world views

Different world views are the wider cause of the problem, not its manifestation. We believe that different world views clash with each other and become manifest in concrete circumstances.

We propose: CI: Reasoning (CI Type 3)

CI: Contextualisation of content (CI Type 5)

CI: Learning Pace

(CI Type 9)

・ Different underlying forms of reasoning in thought processes

・ Notions of time

・ Insufficient consideration of cultural referents

The teachers mention other types of CIs that do not fit in the initial classification. These are secondary, as they are either the cause or the consequence of the others.

CI Educational Background (CI Type 6)

CI. Evaluation (CI Type 8)

CI. Attainment (CI Type 2)

・ Deficient education

・ Ill-adjusted evaluation

・ Low attainment