Estimated/Observed Result

Planning of a breast cancer screening (mammography) program at state level

Implementation of the breast cancer screening program at a state level (Swiss canton with a population of 400,000)

Planning of a participative nosocomial infection prevention program in a neonatal hospital unit

Implementation of a nosocomial infection prevention program at a University Hospital

Development of a model for rationalizing the purchase of hospital material at a regional level

Implementation of the model by the regional network of hospitals (including 3 regional acute hospitals of approximately a total of 600 beds)

Analysis of the situation of school health at a state level and recommendations for change

Implementation of a new concept of school health at a state level (Swiss canton with a population of 750,000)

Planning of a “Smoke-free Hospital” campaign

Implementation of the campaign and obtaining the WHO Smoke-free-Hospital Label at a chronic disease hospital

Conception and development of a cartoon booklet on caries prevention among children

Use of the booklet in several caries prevention programs in two different countries at local/regional levels (Cameroon and Morocco)

Study on the high decibel levels in nightclubs at state level

Adoption of a state law limiting Db levels in nightclubs (Swiss canton with a population of 380,000)

Public health project planning―a computer-based manual for community health professionals

Use of the tool at daily basis by field health professionals of several Health Promoting Associations at a state level (Swiss canton with a population of 750,000)

Need assessment and feasibility study for a continuing public health training program for pharmacy practitioners

Implementation of a Community Health curriculum for pharmacy practitioners

Development of an educational CD and Website on “Health and Human rights”

Implementation of a Certificate of Advanced Studies on “Discriminations, Health and Human Rights” that has been running for several years, notably at distance in 6 francophone African countries