4C super skill

Examples of Elaboration student activities

Critical thinking and problem solving

・ Look for deeper meaning of concepts they are introduced to

・ Search the Internet for further points connected to or are relevant to what is being learnt

・ Challenge current understanding

・ Questioning and correct misperceptions

・ Apply what is taught to solve new problems

・ Apply theory to real-life experiences


・ Talk more about a topic that has been discussed previously

・ Practise using formal language correctly

・ Discuss extension of a concept

・ Describe and demonstrate a process

・ Share your understanding of how a digital learning game helps learning

・ Create a media-rich presentation and share it with other students


・ Challenge pears in a team to tell more

・ Work in a team to broaden what is being learnt

・ Share understandings of what has been learnt

・ Work together to solve a problem.

・ Publish to all members of your virtual community a problem you have encountered when learning and seek their assistance

Creating and innovating

・ Raise new issues for discussion

・ Apply skills learn to new contexts

・ Extend current learning to new areas

・ Apply knowledge learnt in one Key Learning Area (KLA) to several other KLAs

・ Design and complete a rich learning task

・ Telegraph new ideas

・ Develop and use new terminology

・ Try new skills

・ Practice injury prevention in the playground at your school by drawing up a few simple rules

・ Create a video documenting a community event in which your class or school participated