4C super skill

Examples of Explanation student activities

Critical thinking and problem solving

・ Demonstrate how something works

・ Set up an experiment and explain to the class how it works

・ Explain how past learning links to new knowledge

・ Look for and explain patterns in data

・ Use a Venn graphic organizer to explain the differences and commonalities in data

・ Apply previous knowledge to resolve a current software problem


・ Explain to the teacher personal understanding of an idea, concept, or issue

・ Reinforce, support or challenge what has been said

・ Conduct an interview and report the outcome to the class or topic

・ Describe the results of an experiment

・ Present a report to the class of a field trip.

・ Explain the meaning of a plot in the story they have just read

・ Describe and illustrate a concept using a model


・ Conduct a Round-Robin of Four-Ways-Interviews and then discuss among your team the ideas generated by the interviews

・ Question each other and probe each other’s contribution to develop a deeper and fuller explanation and understanding

・ Challenge each other’s contribution to the team by asking them to explain further

・ Use the Think-Pair-Square cooperative learning structure to explain a topic to your team-members

・ Encourage equal participation in explaining something new

Creating and innovating

・ Link past event to new learning occurrences

・ Develop a hypothesis to be tested

・ Come up with a new theory to replace an existing one

・ Create a glossary of terms from the topic learnt and explain them to the class

・ Compose a narrative and explain it

・ Use digital-imaging technology to create a graphic to be used in a digital presentation.