4C super skill

Examples of Exploration student activities

Critical thinking and problem solving

・ Students venture into new areas of research

・ Given time and opportunity for metacognition

・ Attempt new experiments to discover new reactions and results

・ Conduct Internet searchers and use the data to explore a particular life cycle

・ Conduct a study of a nature strip

・ Go on a virtual excursion

・ Go on a study field


・ Talk about relationships among ideas, concepts and themes

・ Discuss misperceptions and correct misconceptions

・ Probe for deeper understanding

・ Conduct a whole-class discussion on a controversial topic

・ Watch a video clip and discuss message it conveys

・ Discuss the safe use of the Internet


・ Work in teams to study a new topic

・ Given opportunity to monitor and scaffold each other

・ Use the Internet to form peer learning networks with classmates.

・ Use the Internet to form virtual learning communities using Google Circles tools

・ Complete assessment tasks with learners in different countries, connected by the Internet

・ Work as a team to conduct a science experiment

Creating and innovating

・ Take time to reflect and come up with a new idea.

・ Come up with a different opinion about what has been covered previously.

・ Use new Urls to find new learning resources and use them in class activities

・ Download useful resources from YouTube and use them to design something new

・ Create a curriculum-specific simulation that will encourage your peers to practise critical thinking