4C super skill

Examples of Engagement student activities

Critical thinking and problem solving

・ Tell how and why previous learning is relevant to the present topic.

・ Connect your to new learning

・ Agree or disagree over an issue and give reasons for their position.

・ Conduct a debate to defend your position or stance about an environmental issue in the community

・ Use Internet resources to illustrate and communicate original ideas and stories


・ Discuss why previous knowledge is essential for current learning

・ Actively/attentively listen to each other’s point of view

・ Ask questions on the topic

・ Illustrate and communicate you original ideas using digital technologies.

・ Communicate information which helps fellow students to troubleshoot a new software to increase its efficiency


・ Work as a team to complete K-W-H-L chart

○ K: What each one knows

○ W; What each team member wants to know

○ H: How each member will find relevant data

○ L: What each team member will have learnt

・ Working in teams of 5 search the Web for data and discuss how it relates to the topic

・ Engage in learning activities with students in overseas countries

Creating and innovating

・ Students engage in inquisitive activities

・ Respond to “what if” type of questions

・ Come up with an answer different to the one given

・ Design your own questions for the class to answer

・ Work individually or in a team and use digital tools to compose a digital story