A) Inclusion criteria


Studies in English or those with a detailed summary in English.


Studies published between January 1992 and January 2015.


Primary research conducted in India; either community or facility based.


Study population: HIV-infected pregnant women, HIV-exposed or HIV-infected children (≤14 years).


Studied that covered any of the following:

a) Transmission of HIV from parent to child: PPTCT interventions, antenatal prophylaxis, type of antenatal prophylaxis i.e. single dose nevirapine prophylaxis or Option B regimen, type of delivery, feeding pattern, sero-discordant level of parents or

b) Survival of children with HIV: early infant diagnosis or time of diagnosis, delayed entry into care after diagnosis, socio-demographic characteristics, access to care or distance from ART center, CD4 count at the time of diagnosis, adherence to treatment


c) Efficacy of ART among children with HIV, and ART adherence and correlates among HIV-positive children.

B) Exclusion criteria


Study population exclusively ≥14 years


Editorials, reports, conference proceedings and standalone abstracts.