Flood area

Flood Management Strategy

Flood channel action by population

Expected flood reduction response

Below Foncha

Channel Widening

Width is increased

Can contain more water

Below Foncha, Ntankah

Channel Deepening

Depth are increased

Reduced over flow

Ndamukong, Mulang

Channel Straightening

Straightened and steepened.

Increased flow velocity

Sisia, Below Foncha, Cow Street

Construction of embankments

Build protective walls with stone

Reduce lateral diversion

Sisia, Ndamukong, Cow Street

Raising the foundations and verandas of houses above flood levels

Construction of the foundation and court yards of houses

Leave flood water at low levels

Ntankah, Ndamukong

Clearing of rivers and streams

Removal of obstructions like solid waste

Increased flow velocity

Latitah, Mile Six Mankon, Ntankah

The raising of bridges

Construction of bridges across water courses to a certain height

Withstand the passage of waste materials under them.