Decade flood trend

Urban zone

Trigger factor

Target suggestion



Ntambag (Waterside towards Old Town), Atuazire, Cow Street, Nitop Four, Food market, Ntenefor, Bayelle Menda (bridge to Mile Four Nkwen), Ntahtru (below Mbengwi Park), Sisia

-Channel straightening

-Channel widening

-Raising of foundations

-Embankments on the stream channel

-Demolish stream channels bank houses

-Bridges to be raised

-Constant cleaning of the stream channels by the population

Allow free movement of water


Ngie Quarter, La Chance, Ngomgham

Mulang, Ngomgham, Ndamukong

-Houses constructed on river channel

-The presence of vegetation on the river channel which helps to trap dirt of all types causing floods

-Little flood adaptation measures put in place

-Low bridges

- Houses on the stream channels have to be completely destroyed

-Bridges to be raised

-Constant dredging of stream channels by the BCC

Increase stream flow speed