Structural dimension

Main dimensions

Item of measurement

Lee, Sirgy and Larsen, etc. [12]


Get satisfaction

7 Items, such as satisfaction with purchasing products and experience

Satisfied with

6 Items, such as satisfaction from product ownership

Consumption Satisfaction

11 Items, such as Satisfaction in the Use of Products and Services

Maintenance satisfaction

17 Items, such as Satisfaction of Maintenance Experience

Satisfactory disposal

7 Items, such as satisfaction with product convenience

Sirgy, Lee and Kressmann [6]


Design Requirements Satisfaction

11 Items, such as good braking

Insurance Demand Satisfaction

6 Items, like having good insurance saves me from car accidents

Maintaining Demand Satisfaction

4 Items, such as cars, have a good guarantee for my safety.

Handling demand satisfaction

3 Items, like Believing in the Employees who Sell Me Cars

Leong, Ang and Note, etc. [13]


Emotion and Cognition

9 Items, such as brand, quality

consumer behavior

6 Items, such as price, value

Consumer environment

2 Items, such as vulnerability

Zhang Yuexian, Ma Qinhai and Yang Yong [30]



6 Items, such as “Buy a favorite product or service”

Positive emotions

5 Items, such as “Happy”