Word Formation > Compounding > Closed Compounds

Armpit, briefcase, cowboy, deadline, earring, forehead, goldfish, handcuffs, inmate, jailhouse, voicemail, wallpaper, yearbook, zookeeper

Word Formation > Compounding > Copulative Compounds

Attorney-client, actor/model

Word Formation > Compounding > Hyphenated Compounds

African-American, open-minded, panic-stricken, rear-view, tree-lined, under-aged, voice-mail, wide-eyed

Word Formation > Compounding > Multi-Word Compounds

Over-the-top, jack-in-the-box, sister-in-law, ten-year-old, all-you-can-eat, head-to-head, back-and-forth, ball-and-chain

Word Formation > Compounding > Open Compounds

Anxiety attack, bachelor pad, candy bar, end zone, fast food, nose dive, olive branch, palm tree, quarter mile, rag doll, school bus

Word Formation > Derivation > Affixation > Prefix

Understand, overdrive, overhand, underhanded, overstate, under-appreciated

Word Formation > Derivation > Affixation > Suffix

Awesome, handsome, bothersome, hardware, software, clockwise

Word Formation > Derivation > Affixation > Infix

Unbloodybelievable (bloody + unbelievable), fanbloomingtastic (blooming + fantastic)

Word Formation > Derivation > Non-Affixation > Abbreviations, Acronyms, and Initialisms, Anacronyms

AOL (America Online), DMV (Dept. of Motor Vehicles), mph (miles per hour), MTV (music television), VCR (video cassette recorder), Yuppie (Young Urban Professional), radar (radio detecting and ranging)

Word Formation > Derivation > Non-Affixation > Blend Words

Medevac (medical + evacuation), motel (motor hotel), guesstimate (guess + estimate), camcorder (camera + recorder), helipad (helicopter + pad)

Word Formation > Derivation > Non-Affixation > Clipped Words

Internet (internetwork), hi-fi (high-fidelity), email (electronic mail), slo-mo (slow-motion), vid-com (video + communication)

Word Formation > Derivation > Non-Affixation > Conversion

Eyeball (as noun or as verb)