Roots (definition)


lap (to light, burn)

lamp, lantern, and eclampsia


tongue, language, lingo, linguine, and linguist

leuk (light, brightness)

light, lightning, lux, lucent, Lucifer, illumination, lunar, luster, illustrate, lucid, and lynx


meiosis, menu, mince, minute, minor, minus, diminish, minimum, minister, ministry, and administration


man, manikin, mannequin, Manu, and mensch

poti (powerful; lord)

possess, power, possible, potent, and pasha

saewel-(the sun)

sun, south, southern, solar, and solstice

gene (to give birth, beget)

gender, general, generate, generic, genre, gene, genocide, genius, engine, genuine, gonad, kin, kind, gentle, progeny, pregnant, nascent, natal, nation, native, innate, puny, and renaissance.


self, gossip, suicide, swami, secede, seclude, secret, secure, seduce, segregate, select, separate, sever, sure, sober, sole, solo, solitary, idiom, idiot, and Sinn Fein.