Extraction of Meaning

Centering resonance analysis (Corman, Dooley et al., 2002; Dooley, Corman et al., 2003; Kuhn & Corman, 2003)

Nouns and noun phrases

Yes: minimal affix stemming from plural to singular forms.

Links are created between sequentially-occurring and centered noun phrases in an utterance···

Qualitative (reading statements)

Quantitative (correlation; resonance)

NTA in social sciences (Carley & Palmquist, 1992; Carley, 1997)

Frequently occurring “substantive” words and short phrases; pronouns converted to nouns

Yes: conceptual thesaurus for frequent substantive concepts

Causal, definitional, directional, and equivalence relations

Qualitative (reading statements)

Quantitative (number of concepts and statements)

Semantic networks (Danowski, 1993; Doerfel & Barnett, 1999; Rice & Danowski, 1993)

Most frequently occurring words, minus “stop words” such as articles, prepositions, pronouns conjunctions, transitive verbs, acronyms, verbs of being, place names and other words that “distort”

Yes: stemming of plural forms

Co-occurrence of concepts within a researcher-defined window

Qualitative (reading statements), Quantitative (number of concepts and statements)

Semantic mapping (Leydesdorff & Welbers, 2011)

Words occurring more than twice, minus stop words, in the sample

No: uses terms verbatim.

Co-occurrence of words within a set of 195 documents

Qualitative (reading statements), Quantitative (correlation & factor analysis)