Chukwumalu, 2017.


Impact Evaluation: SCI created 4 PAC facilities

Increased utilization of services. counselling (98%), accepted FP (88%).

Mugore, 2016.


Program evaluation: Quality HCPs training

Increased PAC counselling from 31% to 91% and FP uptake from 37% to 60%.

Maxwell, 2015.


Retrospective cohort: Provider and FP uptake

Women receive an FP method more if PAC is done by MWs compared to MDs.

Tumasang, 2014.


Ambidirectional: MVA distribution evaluation

MVA and misoprostol are seldom available in HF even in the cities.

Solo, 2003.


Cross sectional pre and post intervention FP

Most effective strategy: Offer PAC-FP in the gynecological ward by ward staff.

Hagos, 2018.


Cross sectional: Uptake of PAC-FP predictors

FP uptake: 70.9%. Associations: Husbands opposition, delays in and type of HF, knowledge of pregnancy risk.

Kemfang, 2015.


Cross sectional: Abortion burden

Induced abortion 26.3%, complications (20%), severe bleeding (70%).

Rominskia, 2015.


Cross sectional study of PAC

LARCs are better for adolescents and single women to prevent recurrences.

Nkwabong, 2014.


Cross sectional on clandestine abortions

Incomplete abortion (16%), anemia (25%), infection (18%), death (2.1%).

Evens, 2014.


Cross sectional descriptive study

49% youths not using FP due to fear of side effects and lack of knowledge.

Esber, 2014.


Cross sectional. Partner approval FP

Strong association between partner approval and contraception use in PAC.

Paul, 2014.


Qualitative: HCPs on PAC task-sharing

Scale-up task sharing and in-service training of cadres (PAC + misoprostol).

Gerdts, 2012.


Cross sectional. Abortion complications

Severe complications associated with being married and care from low HF.

Kalu, 2012.


Cross sectional: hospital PAC review

41% admissions, 11.5% deaths, 7.1% teenagers, 25% single, poor linkage.

Basinga, 2012.


National survey on PAC

Induced abortion rate: 25/1000.

Prata, 2011.


Cross sectional: PAC-FP predictors

LARCs uptake associated to secondary education, 25 - 29 years and multiparity.

Adinma, 2010.


Cross sectional: HCPs PAC practices

35.5% used an MVA for PAC.

88% offered PAC counselling.

Rabiu, 2009.


Cross sectional: Unsafe abortion complications

Complications: incomplete abortion, anemia, infection, case fatality rate: 9%.

Thiam, 2006.


Impact evaluation (provider training, free MVA kits in 23 districts, 50% total population from 2003-2005)

Availability of trained HCPs of PAC in health centers: From 39% to 100%. Women seeking PAC services doubled. PAC counselling: 36% to 82%. Uptake of contraception: 15% to 56%.

Krakowiak, 2011.


Community FP awareness survey

1/3 fear side effects of FP methods. Train HCPs on FP counselling.

Singh, 2006.

Nigeria, Uganda, Kenya, Burkina, Egypt, South Africa, Ghana+

National estimates of abortion-related hospital admissions

Highest rates in certain African countries: 15‰ per year. The introduction of misoprostol in safe abortion/PAC will help reduce this rate.