First Author

Country of study

Study type and aim

Study outcomes

Udoh, 2016.


Systematic review + Metanalysis: Septic abortion

No evidence that one antibiotic was better than another in treatment.

Aanties, 2018.

14 countries from Africa.

Systematic review of PAC

Gaps of PAC services: Quality, access to rural women, knowledge, teenagers.

Barnard, 2015.

South Africa + 3 others

Systematic review: PAC and level of HCP

Safety and effectiveness in PAC methods were the same for MWs and MDs.

Okusanya, 2014.


Systematic review: RCT on PAC-IUD

Moderate evidence supports the safety of immediate PAC-IUD insertion.

Berer, 2009.

Mozambique, Uganda, Kenya, South Africa.

Literature review: role of trained mid-level staff in PAC

Authorize qualified trained mid-level staff to offer first trimester abortion/PAC using misoprostol and MVA.

Makenzius, 2017.


RCT: MWs and MD on misoprostol use.

Equal treatment outcomes (effectiveness and safety) in 2 groups.

Dao, 2007.

Burkina Faso

RCT: misoprostol versus MVA in PAC.

Equal safety and effectiveness of misoprostol and MVA PAC.

Benson, 2018.

3 Asian and 5 African countries (Zambia, Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana, Ethiopia)

Program evaluation by IPAS on quality training in FP

Uptake of modern FP (73%). Highest when delivered at the time of PAC.

Benson, 2017.

5 Asian and 5 African countries (Zambia, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Ghana, Uganda)

Program evaluation IPAS quality training and lifting cost to FP

Uptake of modern FP (77%). Choices: OCP, condom, injectable. Adolescents less likely to leave HF with an FP method.