Major and minor minerals

Accessory minerals

Texture and mineral reactions


Coarse to

fine-grained granites

Qtz + Or + Pl + Py + Bt + Amp + Mi + Mus

Sph + Aln + Ap + Op + Ep

Porphyritic texture,

myrmekitisation chloritisation perthitisation and sericitasition

Undeformed to Mildly deformed (fracture and kink deformation, pressure shadow)


Qtz + Or + Pl + Py + Amp

Sph + Ep

Porhyroblastic, granoblastic and lepidoblastic textures chloritisation

Slightly deformed (breaking and curved shape, amphibole fish, cracks)


Qtz + Bt + Pl

Ap + Op

Grano-Porphyroblastic texture,

chloritisation and myrmekitisation

Slightly deformed (curved Bt flake, pressure shadow, kink deformation)


Or + Pl + Py + Bt + Amp + Mi


Porhyroblastic texture, sericitazation

Mildly Deformed (cracks on Pl)

Mafic dykes

Amp + Px + Or

Ep + Op + Zrn

Cataclastic texture, chloritisation

Highly Deformed (curved branching amphibole, veins fractures and fault)


Qtz + Or + Pl + Py + Bt + Amp + Mi

Zrn + Sph + Op + Ep + Tr + Ap + Leu

Ocellar, Mylonitic and cataclastic texture, banding and foliation present, chloritisation and myrmekitisation

Slightly to highly deformed (cracks and kink deformation, pressure shadow, σ and δ porhyroclast, fractures, fold, faults, Joints,