Problem Definition


What was your role in implementing C-CriSTAL initiative in SWS and for how long have you been involved with this initiative?


Who do you think is the target group for this program?

a) What needs do you think have been identified amongst this group of people?



What do you see as the most promising aspect of this initiative?

a) What can we do to make the program more likely to succeed?


What do you think are key barriers to implementing C-CriSTAL in SWS?

a) For example, people, things, communication, governance, costs etc.

b) How can we overcome these barriers? Suggestions


What do you see as a current/future facilitator in implementation and acceptance of the C-CriSTAL initiative in SWS?


If you were going to suggest changes to improve the program, what would you recommend? i.e.

a) What improvements would you like to see?

b) How could things be done better?

c) Can this program be adapted to fit particular local needs? (Example)



Do you see any impact from implementation of C-CriSTAL initiative in SWS?


Do you see any long term outcome as likely from this initiative?


Do you think we are delivering a better care for patients via the implementation of C-CriSTAL initiative in SWS? Example how?


Are you aware of any changes in how healthcare is delivered to patients (or possibly healthcare outcomes) with this program?

a) If not, what changes would you anticipate?

b) Do you know what patients or their families think about this program?


Is there anything else you would like to say about the C-CriSTAL initiative?