Conditional skills

Standing long jump

・ Determines jumping power of the legs

・ Participants had two tries to jump with both legs as far as possible and land on both feet

・ Highest value was used for data analysis [27] [28]


・ Assess strength and endurance of the abdominal muscles and hip-flexors

・ Participants had 40 seconds to do as many sit-ups as possible [27] [28]


・ Examine muscular strength and endurance of arms and trunk

・ Participant had 40 seconds to conduct push-ups

・ Only correctly performed push-ups were noted [27] [28]

6-min run

・ Measures aerobic endurance

・ Participants ran as far as they could for 6 min

・ Exact distance in meters was recorded [27] [28]

Coordinative skills

Lateral jumps

・ Assess whole body co-ordination under time pressure

・ Participants jumped back and forth over a line as often as possible in 15 seconds

・ Two trials were executed

・ Number of correctly performed jumps of both runs were noted [27] [28]

One-leg stand

・ Used to observe co-ordination for precision and balance on standing

・ Participants stood barefooted on a small rope on the floor on one leg for 1 minute

・ Ground contacts of the free leg were counted [27] [28]


Sit and reach

・ Flexibility of the lower back and hamstring muscles were assessed

・ Participants legs were fully stretched against a standardized sit and reach box when reaching along the top of the box with both hands as far forward as possible

・ Distance reached by the fingertips (cm) was noted [27] [28]