Company’s actions are dependent

Company’s Board of Directors is independent

Reporting to shareholders is required

Slower decision-making

Company has to establish an Auditing Department & appoint Internal Auditors

A flawless accounting dept. has to be established

To create & keep transparent accounts & audits

Strict rules & very expensive listing (more than $1 m) are involved; to pay at least $ 1 per share

Company’s stock may be valued < than the value of ships in a bad market (2009)

Company runs a risk to be taken-over by a competitor; this depends on what is one’s company’s % share


No need to invest all one’s own money to buy ships; less personal equity; one buys ships with stocks—not with cash

If one is able to tap capital markets by a good story, one can raise far more money than using the traditional finance

Shareholders support one in additional projects or take-overs, if: he/she performs well, stock performs well & he/she pays good dividends

US investors like transparency, honesty and information in bad & good times by company’s CEO; then they are loyal

Buy one’s own stock cheaper & better if share price falls substantially