Yearly Expenses (BDT) for Safety Measures

Average Production Capacity

Average Yearly Production Cost

Increment of average Yearly Production Cost due to Safety Measures

Average Yearly Sale

Average Net Profit from Production (BDT)


Safety Measure


3.6 million sq. ft/yr.

540 million BDT

[540 + (0.35 + 0.74 + 0.64)] = 541.72 million BDT

612 million BDT

Without Safety

With Safety

Loss of owner 1.72 million BDT (0.024%)


An injured worker whose yearly average salary is 0.048 million BDT he ought to expense 0.05 - 0.2 million of BDT as treatment cost, besides this he loses his efficiency, working capacity and becomes burden to family and society. And the sector loses an experienced worker.

PPE for Workers

0.35 million

72.00 million

70.28 million

Safety Guard with Machines/Parts

0.74 million

Safety Guard in Electric Board

0.64 million