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Barrientos & Boussofiane (2005) . How efficient are pension fund managers in Chile?

The input variables are: office personnel costs, marketing and sales costs, executive pay, and administration & computing costs.

Total revenue and the number of the contributors.

Charnes, Coopers and Rhodes (CCR) Model and Banker, Charnes and Coopers (BCC) Model.

The Pension fund managers in Chile are found to be technically inefficient as they all operated below the estimated efficient frontier. Also, there is no evidence to suggest that the fund managers’ performance will improve overtime.


Ahmat, Aykut, & Huseyin (2013) . Improvement of private pension in Turkey and measurement of its efficiency with data envelopment analysis.

Numbers of personnel and total assets.

Total fund and total amount of premiums.

CCR Model.

The private pension companies exhibited average efficiency level in the industry though there had been slight changes in the last 6 years. Also, large-scaled company group recorded efficiency 0 levels when compared to the small-scaled company group. Besides, domestic private pension companies recorded lower efficiency levels when compared to foreign private pension companies.


Dalkılıç & Ada (2014) . Efficiencies of life and pension insurance industry in Turkey: An application of data envelopment analysis.

Shareholders’ equity, operating expenses, number of agencies and number of staff employed by insurance companies.

Net gross premiums, net claims and net technical provisions.

Input drive BCC model.

The average scale efficiency of 92% in 2010 and 88.7% in 2011 was found, implying a decrease of 3.3%. 14 companies were efficient in 2010, while in 12 companies were found efficient in 2011.