Social masks


Social Influence


I have multiple social masks for different social settings to protect my own interests.


To gain my friends’ trust, I act the way they want me to act.


I hide my personality from public view to avoid social rejection and disapproval.


I forfeit my personal identity to achieve the multiple desired roles in social and personal areas.


I present myself to others in a fashion that they believe I should.


I mask my personality with different social identities to reach my goals.


I have no difficulty playing the expected professional role, thanks to my experience.


I act like people who were influential in creating my personality.


My behavior is largely molded by society.


I act like persons I idolize.


I am motivated by social acceptance to maintain feelings of worth.


I live with my social roles.


The role of my career dominates all other roles and responsibilities, especially the need to take care of myself.


I adapt my expectations to comply and thus improve my social acceptance.