Political risk

Government stability

Internal conflict

External conflict


Law and order

Democratic accountability

Economic risk

GDP per capita

Real GDP growth

Annual inflation rate

Budget balance as a percentage of GDP

Foreign debt as a percentage of GDP

Exchange rate stability Starting

Investment risk

Starting a business

Dealing with construction permits

Getting electricity

Paying taxes

Enforcing contracts

Resolving insolvency

Resource potential risk

Total oil production

Crude oil proved reserves Dry natural gas production Proved reserves of natural gas

Crude oil distillation capacity

Total exports of refined petroleum products Carbon

Environmental risk

Carbon dioxide emissions

Nitrous oxide emissions

Energy intensity

Carbon dioxide intensity PM2.5

Forest area (% of land area)

Chinese factor risk

Years of China’s diplomatic relations

Outward FDI stock

Value of contracted projects

Persons abroad of contracted projects and labor services Value of total imports from China

Value of total exports to China