1) What type of training did you attended as health promoter? (Include type and number of training sessions).

2) Can you describe your experience as health promoter, according to the following?

a) Your own experience,

b) Your family’ experience,

c) Your experience when working at the farm?

3) Which training themes have been more important to you as health promoter?

a) Can you share how did you use that information in a specific situation?

4) What was more useful to you, your family, in your community and with your co-workers?

5) Which training themes have been more utilized in your own experience?

6) In your own experience, are there training themes that were not useful? Why?

7) Are there any other health themes that we should consider in the training sessions? Which ones?

8) Are you confident on your role as health promoter? How?

9) Have you felt that your work as health promoter has been recognized by your employer?

10) What problems have you faced when trying to implement your training as health promoter?

11) Do you have additional comments on your experience as health promoter?