A combination of numbers appears on the screen: only one is red. The participant has to press the red number on the keyboard before it disappears.

NE―number of errors

NA―number of not-answers

MT―mean response time

Short Term Memory


A succession of numbers appears on the screen and after they disappear the participant has to press the same succession of numbers (a). In the second trial (b) the succession has to be pressed in reverse order of appearance.

RAa―right answers in trial a

RAb―right answers in trial b

TRA―total right answers (a + b)

Shifting of attention


This skill consists in changing the focus of the attention on different targets. Participant has to find three given targets among several others.

The targets are letters in the first trial (a) and figures in the second (b)

NEa―number of errors in trial a

NAa―number of not-answers in trial a

TTa―total time for trial a

NEb―number of errors in trial b

NAb―number of not-answers in trial b

TTb―total time for trial b