Leader skills appropriate for project consultants

Zulkiffli et al. [24] and Serhan [41]

1) Communication skill

It involves the ability to exchange information with individuals or groups. This means that the project consultant needs to successfully communicate with stakeholders to accomplish their sustainable development goals. Adapting the different views of the project team and stakeholders on sustainability to ensure the success of the project.

Schmid & Adams [42] and Zulch [43]

2) Motivation skill

Motivation skill is the ability to make a person achieve their targets. Motivation is a skill that the project consultant can use to ensure that the project team can achieve the project objectives on time according to the budget. However, the lack of such motivation often conducts to conflicts, strikes, insufficient productivity, pressure, and project failure.

Pryke & Smyth [37] and Zulch [43]

3) Decision making and problem-solving skill

Including the ability and capability to determine and solve problems. Decision-making is a procedure of gaining the team’s commitment to sustainability and collective support. However, problem-solving is a procedure for analyzing sustainability criteria and naming possible solutions.

Giotis [44]

4) Conflict management skill

It is the ability to resolve conflicts positively. Conflict management is also regarded as one of the crucial soft skills for a project consultant to achieve project success.

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5) Delegation skill

It includes working with subordinates to determine direction, authority, and responsibility. Without this skill, the project consultant’s ability to manage the team and deliver outcomes will be limited. This is very significant to make full use of the project team, and the project consultant provides the ability and capability to pay attention to the real situation.

Farooqui [46] and Glavinich [47]

6) Planning and goal setting skill

It includes the planning process and the ability to accomplish the wanted aims. In the process of planning and scheduling, a project consultant should regard the effect of green standards on the overall progress of construction projects. In addition, setting feasibility or viable and sustainable priorities during a construction project will help to demonstrate a framework or model for all future conclusions making.

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7) Team building skill

A team is defined as a team of person who has skills that are devoted to common goals and are mutually responsible for their achievements. The project consultant should also be involved in team-building skills to ensure the success of the project.

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8) Negotiation skill

It includes the ability to find common ground and achieve agreements to solve problems. Project consultants need to use negotiation skills throughout the project life cycle.