Types of innovations

Schumpeter [19]

New products, new production method, new markets, new supply chain and a new system of organizing business.

Knight [29]

Organizational structure innovation, employees’ innovation, innovation in production, process and services.

Deward and Button [22]

Radical innovation and incremental innovation.

Tidd and Bessant [21]

Position innovation, paradigm innovation, products innovation and process innovation.

Daft [12]

Damanpour [23] [24]

Administrative and technological innovations.

Oke et al. [30]

Process/service innovation(production, service and administrative), and Product innovation (incremental or radical innovation).

Akgün et al. [31]

Lin [32]

Process innovation, product innovation.

Rowley et al. [33]

Process innovation (The organizational structure, management, administrative, production, technical, and employees innovation), product innovation (service or product) and position innovation (the systems of marketing and business).

Schmidt and Rammer [34]

Technological and non-technological innovations.

For technological innovation (marketing and organizational innovation); for non-technological (process and product).