Thompson [11]

It is defined as the implementation of a new or borrowed idea internally within the organization that is related to the organization activities such as programs, policies, products services, process, systems, and service that are innovative to the organization.

Daft [12]

It is the activities about the organizational structure and administrative process.

Damanpour and Evan [13]

The variations are applied to the organizational structure, administrative processes, and human resources.

OECD [14]

It is applying a new method to the organization in internal and external business practices or relations.

Hamel [15]

Changes in the methods and practices and policies of traditional management that leads to changes in management performance.

Battisti and Stoneman [16]

It involves new strategies, practices, and marketing to the organizations.

Tavassoli, and Karlsson [17]

Organizational innovations are changes in the routines of organizations to improve productivity, creativity flexibility, efficiency, and profits to the organizations.