The 1st order Concepts (Informants words)

2nd Order themes which relate fully or partially to existing theory.

(Authors Key Phrases as Researcher);

Aggregate Dimensions

Respondent 1 (Female, 18, Bachelors degree student)

“I found the novel to be so very cool, adorable, heartwarming and is one of my favorite stories”.

“I have no idea about Yakult although I sort of remember Yogurt in the Netflix movie”.

Emotional connect,

Behavioral dimension

Cognitive theory and Expectancy Valence Theory

(H1 and H2 are supported).

Respondent 2 (Female, 22, Business Executive)

“The movie was so perfect and so nicely adopted from the novel”

Positive re-enforcement

Respondent 3 (Male, 19, B.Tech student)

“I am sometimes swayed into trying some products and I do have some major likes, but it’s not very often”

Short term motivation to try a product

Respondent 4 (Female, 23, Entrepreneur)

“If I like the movie, I can buy the novel, I would sometimes, but not always, try the products endorsed in the movie”. “The movies do affect me, emotionally”.

Behavioral tension,

Human nature, Respondents narratives of past behavior