Reference, Year

Variables used to assess sexuality

Thakar et al., 2002

· Intercourse frequency, sexual desire and early sexual intercourse;

· Orgasm frequency, multiple orgasm frequency, vaginal lubrication;

· Assessment of sexual relationship with the partner;

· Deep and superficial dyspareunia.

Ellsrom et al., 2003

· Intercourse frequency, sexual fantasies frequency;

· Orgasm frequency, sexual pleasure and satisfaction, lubrication, dyspaurenia, excitement and satisfaction with the partner.

Zobbe et al., 2004

· Intercourse frequency, sexual desire frequency;

· Masturbation frequency, orgasm frequency, orgasm quality, satisfaction with sexual life.

Kuppermann et al., 2004

· Sexual desire, orgasm frequency, orgasm quality, sexual satisfaction.

Kuppermann et al., 2005

· Sexual problems, sexual desire, orgasm;

· Sexual satisfaction.

Flory et al., 2006

· Sexual desire, sexual arousal, orgasm, sexual global functioning, sexual relationship pain, sexual self-image.

Hehenkamp et al., 2007

· Sexual activity (pleasure, discomfort, habit);

· Sexual life satisfaction, sexual welfare.

Thakar et al., 2008

· Orgasm/multiple orgasm, relationship with partner;

· Vaginal lubrication, deep and superficial dyspareunia.

Gorlero et al., 2008

· Number of sexually active women;

· Pleasure in the sexual act, dyspareunia, sexual habit.