General Complications

▪ Residual stenosis.

▪ Systemic arterial hypertension.

▪ Left ventricular diastolic dysfunction.

Specific Complications

▪ Repair of aortic stenosis

-Valvotomy: residual stenosis/aortic regurgitation.

-Ross operation: myocardial ischemia.

-Konno operation: myocardial Ischemia, right ventricular outflow tract obstruction and arrhythmias.

▪ Repair of subaortic stenosis

-Residual stenosis.

-Iatrogenic mitral valve regurgitation.


▪ Repair of supravalvar aortic stenosis

-Residual aortic stenosis.

-Aortic regurgitation due to valve injury.

-Myocardial ischemia.

▪ Repair of aortic coarctation

-Residual stenosis.


-Postcoarctectomy syndrome.

-Aortic stenosis unmasked.

-Recurrent laryngeal nerve injury.

▪ Repair of interrupted aortic arch

-Residual stenosis (normally at anastomosis site).

-Left bronchial compression (by the advanced aorta).

-Hypocalcemia (if DiGeorge Syndrome associated).

▪ Repair of mitral stenosis

-Pulmonary hypertension.

-Residual stenosis or regurgitation.

-Left ventricular dysfunction.