Lepaw, 1978 [41]

Solution of edetate disodium, polyethylene glycol 300, purified water and butylated hydroxytoluene.

Halcinonide solution with placebo

The treatment was excellent in sixteen patients treated with halcinonide and in one patient treated with placebo. In the comparative evaluation halcinonide was superior in twenty-two patients, the placebo was superior in four patients, and both drugs were equally effective in one patient. There were no adverse reactions due to halcinonide, but one patient experienced pruritus with the placebo solution.

Ellis et al., 1988 [42]


Amcinonide with placebo

Among the patients, overall improvements in psoriatic lesions was seen in 78% amcinonide group and 27% of the placebo group. There was no serious side effects attributtabe to this study.

Shuttleworth et al., 1998 [43]


Ciclopirox olamine and placebo

For ciclopirox olamine only, there was significant (P < 0.05) improvement over baseline for clinical assessment of overall scalp psoriasis (day 29) and degree of scaling (days 8, 15 and 29) and for patients’ self-assessments of overall scalp psoriasis (days 15 and 29) and scalp itching (day 15), but differences from placebo were not significant. Ciclopirox olamine tolerability and acceptability were good.