Performance description

Uploading ID and data about patient on his tag

On arriving to the hospital a patient is given a wrist electronic tag. When patient is registered, the information about him is stored on the server, holding database records of all patients. This is done wirelessly through the communication distance up to 10 meters: When patient is placed at the appropriate position (one at the time) the room controlling device detects the passive tag and sends the appropriate data on it

Identifying patient at the doctor-consultant room

When patient entered in the consultant’s room, his passive tag is detected by client computer’s interrogator; the room controlling device displays the information about the patient on a screen

Detecting patient at the operation theatre

When patient is in the operation theatre his tag is identified by the reader of the controlling device and displays the appropriate patient’s record and start recording the operation

Detecting Patient at the recovery room

When patient entered in the recovery room, his active tag is detected by the controlling device, which finds and downloads patient’s ID. When patient is discharged from the hospital his device is disposed