Primary Category



Words related to geographic names

Within the city

Outside the city

Administrative region where tourism attraction is located in the title of the online travel notes

The cities around Guangzhou mentioned in the title of the online travel notes

Words of tourism attraction

Natural Landscape

Includes geo-landscapes, waterscapes, biological landscapes, and meteorological and climatic landscapes

Religious Culture

Includes religious architectural landscapes, religious practice landscapes and religious art landscapes

Historical Monument

Includes historical and cultural sites of humanity, ancient architecture, ancient tombs and historical artefacts

Folk Customs

Including food and drink customs, characteristic dwellings, traditional costumes and handicrafts, marriage and funeral customs, ethnic songs and dances, and festivals, etc.

Literature and Arts

Including landscape poetry, coupled arts, inscriptions, operas, calligraphies, paintings, sculptures, etc.

Town and Industrial Tourism Landscape

Including characteristic small towns, modern urban scenery and industrial tourism landscape. Modern urban scenery includes urban iconic buildings, modern commerce, education, science, culture, sports, health and other activity phenomena and facilities and urban leisure and entertainment facilities

Words of destination image

Adjectives or descriptors of tourism attractions or destinations mentioned in the title of travel notes

Words related to travel emotion

Adjectives or descriptors of travel experiences mentioned in travel notes

Words of travel behavior


The specific tourist behaviors, reflecting the tourist’s travel style and preferences, are divided into five categories with reference to the “six elements” of tourism





Travel duration

The length of time that tourists spend on their trip