Institute of Industrial Engineers (IIE)

1. Start of the project

2. Comprehension of the process.

3. New process design.

4. Business Transition.

5. Administration of the change

Manganelli and Klein

1. Preparation. Consensus on objectives and goals.

2. Identification. Development of a client oriented business model and identification of the added value strategic processes.

3. Vision. Seeks for decisive improvement process strategies.

4. Solution. Technical and human resource design to implement the improvements.

5. Transformation. To implement the improvements and the new processes.

Jerry L. Harbour

1. To define the limits of the process.

2. To observe the steps of the process.

3. To gather relevant data to the process.

4. To analyse the data.

5. To identify the areas to improve.

6. To develop improvements.

7. To set up and monitor the improvements.