Intra-arterial blood pressure

1. Beat based measurement:

based upon the previous beat of blood pressure to calculate the current blood pressure.

1. Real time based measurement:

using Step-Hold algorithm and featured spline curve fitting technology to identify the impedance of blood vessel and estimate the blood pressure

2. Less accuracy:

The estimated error about ±2 mmHg.

2. More accuracy:

The estimated error within ±1 mmHg.

Dynamic compliance of blood vessel

1. Only the average of blood vessel’s impedance is measured.

2. Can’t calculate dynamic compliance of blood vessel.

1. The dynamic compliance of blood vessel (C3) is measured.

2. C3 is directly computed by blood vessel’s displacement and pressure under decoupling condition without the effect of surrounding tissues.

3. it more valuable than C1 and C2 to diagnosing the severity of vascular sclerosis