Meaning and purpose of living

1. My sense of gratitude is increasing as I get older.

2. There is a significant meaning for me to have been born into this world.

3. There are pleasures and hopes for life in my everyday life.


4. I’m connected with my ancestors and descendants.

5. I’m allowed to live by some kind of unseen force.

6. My deceased family and ancestors are looking after me.

Accord with others

7. I accept anyone without prejudice.

8. Sometimes, I tell my deepest feeling to others.

9. Sometimes, I wish I could reconfirm my life by telling someone about my life events and feelings.

Spiritual support

10. I befriend people around me and live in serenity.

11. I create harmonious connection with people by having a feeling of compassion and gratitude.

12. The bonds with my loved ones keep me grounded in my life.

Harmony with nature

13. When I stand in nature, it feels as if I’m being charged from there.

14. I have had an experience where I was deeply moved by the majesty and beauty of nature.

15. Sometimes, seeing beautiful nature makes me feel at peace.

Attitudes toward death and dying

16. I’m fine regardless of when my life ends.

17. I regularly talk about the notion of living and dying with my family.

18. Before I die, I would like to resolve what is weighing on my mind.