Positive Discipline

Positive Parenting

Positive Psychology Parenting


Prevention & Treatment

Prevention & Treatment


Jahoda (1958) model goal

Move from −2 to zero (no mental disease)

Move from −2 to zero (no mental disease)

Move from 0 to as high as possible

Target Group

Cases with special challenges

Special & General population

General population

Family level impact

No unpleasant parent-child interactions

Low-conflict family environment

Good/meaningful life for the whole family

“Positive” means

Non-violent, non-punitive parenting or Kind & Firm parenting

Non-violent, non-maltreating parenting

Positive emotions and their Broadening and building effect proposed by Fredrickson (2001)

(Durrant, 2011; Nelsen, 2006)

(Sanders, 2012)

(Seligman, 2002)