Meeting necessary conditions for Positive Psychology Parenting

Meeting sufficient conditions for Positive Psychology Parenting

Effectiveness in the following parental tasks:

Ÿ Sustainability (survival and biological integrity)

Ÿ Secure Environment

Ÿ Surveillance

Ÿ Stimulation (cognitive & social-emotional)

Ÿ Support

Ÿ Structure

Ÿ Satisfactory marital relationship

(Bradley & Caldwell, 1995; Bradley, 2002; Maslow, 1975; Belsky, 1984; Seligman, 2002)

Effectiveness both in prerequisites and in the following practices (Seligman, 2002) :

Ÿ Abundant and unconditional positive emotions

Ÿ Identification of Strengths

Ÿ Identification of Values

Ÿ Nurturing Strengths

Ÿ Nurturing Values

Ÿ Finding child’s signature strengths

Ÿ Make sure child is using signature strengths

Ÿ Building child’s life around signature strengths (play, marriage, carrier, community)