Decoupling of EIA agencies from the Environmental Protection Department

l Exists “Government-affiliated Intermediary Agency”

l All the “Government-affiliated Intermediary Agencies” change to enterprises or withdraw from the EIA service market.


Plan for decoupling of EIA agencies

Canceling the qualification management of EIA agencies

l The EIA agencies are classified into three grades, which require a different number of engineers.

l Grade management is canceled. The government does not issue a certificate to EIA agencies.

l Companies can prepare EISs.


EIA law (2018)

Canceling the preconditions of EIA review

l For the project related to soil and water conservation, the conservation methods should be reviewed firstly by the industrial authorities.

l The preconditions have been canceled.



Simplifying the EIA approval process

l EIRF required to be reviewed by EPBs.

l EIRF only needs to do online registration.

l The required documents of some projects are simplified from complete EIR to simplified EIF, or from EIF to EIRF.

l The review jurisdiction of some projects which have limited environmental consequences is delegated to lower levels.

Catalog of Project EIA

Increasing penalties for violations

l The cost of breaking the law is low.

l The fine for proceeding to construction before getting approval is increased as high as 1% - 5% of the gross investment.

l Implements the double-penalty system.


EIA law (2018)

Enhancing interim and post-event supervision

l Pays most attention to the EIA review.

l Adopts online and offline supervision methods.

l Creates the “intelligence EIA” system.

l Conducts the periodic selective examination of EISs.

l Adopts a lifelong responsibility system and social credit management system.


Advice on strengthening the interim and post-event supervision

Increasing public participation

l Three publicity.

l Requires to publicize the brief version of EIR.

l Mainly uses government websites, newspapers and posters.

l The publicity covers the whole EIA process. Six publicity and above are required.

l The contents of each publicity are enriched, and the whole EIR requires to be exposed.

l It also recommends the use of social media platforms such as WeChat and Weibo.