Compliance and remediation

Evaluation and recommendations

Lake Ontario Sites

Cataraqui River

Localized “Hot Spot” in Inner Harbour

Removal of sediment contaminated with PCBs, mercury, chromium, arsenic and lead.

Reduction in local sediment PCB concentrations to 1 ppm; Some evidence of continued contamination [53]

500 m3 PCB contaminated sediment removed (780m3 total contaminated sediment) [52]

Recommendation for continued assessment of contamination in Inner Harbour

Etobicoke Creek

Identified easement with PCB contaminated fill

Remediation completed in 2014: 1200 m3 of PCB Contaminated sediment removed along 150 m long easement

Recommended evaluation of recovery in 2016-17

Twelve-Mile Creek Watershed

Two sources of contaminated sediment in Beaverdams Creek identified.

Cleanup of contamination in three phases:

Reduction in sediment contamination (OMOE unpublished report)

Phase I (adjacent to major source): 4812 metric tonnes of PCB contaminated sediment removed along 350 m of creek.

Reductions in PCB concentrations in YOY/forage fish tissue (OMOE unpublished report)

Phase II (downstream of major source): 12,923 metric tonnes of PCB contaminated sediment removed along 450 m of creek.

Recommended continued monitoring to document recovery

Phase III (Secondary source): 5374 metric tonnes of sediment removed (for PCBs and heavy metals) along 950 m of tributary ditch. (OMOE unpublished)

Suspected landfill-based source identified in Twelve-Mile Creek tributary

Ongoing discussion with responsible parties

Not applicable

Lake Erie/Detroit River Sites

Little River

Discounted presence of locally controllable sources


Periodic monitoring

Turkey Creek

Identified erosion of side cast material as source of ongoing PCB and heavy metal contamination to creek.

Removal of approximately 975 m3 of contaminated sediment along Grand Marais Drain [31]

Reduction in sediment contamination; Reductions in YOY fish tissue (OMOE unpublished data 2012)